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Synthetic Urine Fetish Kit

Synthetic Urine Fetish Kit


Fetish Kit Contents:

  • 5 oz. Premium Synthetic Urine
  • Pre-filled Durable Vinyl Bag
  • Plastic Tubing with 2 Clamps to Control Flow
  • Adjustable Elastic Belt
  • 2 Heat Pads
  • Temperature Strip
  • Detailed Instructions


WARNING: This product is not intended for unlawful use and is not intended for human consumption. Keep product away from children, kit contains small plastic parts, harmful if swallowed. Consumer agrees to all applicable Federal, State and Locals Laws concerning the legal use of this product.


Fetish Urine Uses:

  • Adult Fetish
  • Silly Pranks
  • Scientific Uses
  • Urine Therapy
  • Deer or Animal Attractant/Repellent
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