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Tropical Fruit Explosion

Tropical Fruit Explosion


Wet Fun Flavor Tropical Fruit Explosion Lube is now available in a new size 10.7 oz! Gently heats on contact and warms with motion. Blow on it, it gets warmer. Lick it, for a truly tasty sensation! Wet Fun Flavors are silky smooth, long lasting, water soluble, harmless if ingested and latex friendly. For those who like a delicious treat between the sheets! 4-in-1: Flavored, Warming, Massage, Lubricant. Five deliciously hot fruit flavors. Clear, non-staining, sugar free. Available in Five Fun Flavors: Popp N Cherry, Seductive Strawberry, Watermelon Blast, Passion Fruit Pizzazz, Tropical Fruit Explosion. Each sold separately. Hot tip! Apply a light layer of water based Wet 4-In-1 Fun Flavors Personal Lubricant to parts of your lovers body, as you kiss or graze them with your tongue. Gently blow to create a warming sensation.


10.7 oz

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